2011 Hyundai Sonata SE

hyundai sonataThis bread and butter car and for too long that’s what it looked like but for 2011 the Hyundai ┬áSonata gets a major redesign and you could almost feel carefree an accord getting a little sweaty around the neck. But let’s check the to first. Better head unit here is optional but I’d really recommended this is one of the better, ones out there and it’s one of the first to be flash based no hard drive no DVD for the GPS data it’s all based in memory as a result the responses really quick and it’s a very good men Ewing system quite easy to use and again notice how fast this thing response you got both a really good, touch screen you’ve also got voice command of the system see go anywhere you want to do it and both work pretty well wall see Perry noticing right now yes live traffic on this guy by XM XM also provides weather information sports and stock quotes what also about this guy is it lets you enter a destination wall you’re driving no I’m not talking about a lot of distraction.

I’m talking about your passengers will get enter a destination wall you’re under way in spite of all that goes on in that really great hi res screen one thing that will not happen at sea is a backup camera you can even option it that’s weird if you go to the next car up the LTTE the limited then you can. And the audio system on this guy again upward to the top on this one with what’s called the dimensions sound system which is extra speakers better amps subwoofer no HD radio media goes to a couple of things it all comes out of the slot down here you got a multi Jack that has a meaning it has a USB. port and using this hybrid cable from Hyundai you can hook up your iPod iPhone iPod touch and it really good display results keep hitting that you also go in this case up to the CD drive which doesn’t just play CD’s of course but also MP 3 discs I’ve got one of those in there now and it’s part of the blue to set up you also have streaming audio.

Hyundai’s in kind of an interesting thing here with the climate controls their real simple and part of it is because they use this little plastic reclining man thing kinda lifted from Volvo as you may know if you see in some of our previous videos on their interface one gear box on the S. E. or the limited the higher version more luxury car and that is the 6 speed automatic which has a shifting gate on the left paddles up here on the wheel Hyundai says the reason they’re only offering the manual in the GLS the base car and not this the FC the sportier car is because GLS folks are real price sensitive or want to save $1000 on this gearbox they don’t seem to think that Essie drivers want to mix their own peers. Remember you got a Hyundai sonata 2 liter turbo coming down the road that’s going to be the real sports are not about to let this go. Styling now is much more high tone than the last sonata which had rental car written all over its exterior as great a car as it was.

Art indigo blue pearl 2011 shows off the sort of Lexus GS rear roof slope and a rather dramatic polished metal sphere that runs from headlight to see pillar and 2006 Hyundai Sonata headlight. Inside an interesting choice of cloth upholstery offset by leather bolsters. And on the dash indoors the plastics are okay but they somewhat betrayed his cars aggressive pricing never 2011 no sonata can be had with the V. 6 anymore if you want power you have to wait for the new turbo in line for that’s coming later in the model year but here’s the engine we’ve got to work with it’s a good 1, 2,4 liter gasoline direct injection GT I motor and that quickly quacking here that’s characteristic of direct injectors but he gets 200 horsepower and 186 foot pounds of torque either that 2.4 leaders that is significantly better than Camry or accord by somewhere in the mid 20 to 30 horsepower range nice. Mileage is 20 to 35 answer the sixties not bad 8 one.

Okay this price this new 2006-2011 sonata number driving an SC which is about 233 delivered and that includes everything except for the now the dimensional audio system and the power sunroof all that’s 1 package for 26 0 not a bad price as automotive nav packages go the other options that attack are small that I pod people 35 Bucks of course you’re gonna buy that and electrochromic mirror with a compass and homelink buttons is about 250 more by the way if you want to get into a sonata at the least amount of money these guys start in GLS trim had just about 20 great.