6000K HID headlight kit

So here’s the HID headlights. balas involves that came with a set up about this is that care altogether one piece bullet out of the box and you know it says on the label each ID bowl not allowed do not use an incredible prime melt the case or somethin. Like what the heck. I bought this specifically to do a job evolves came with a tape evolves and then on the tag says don’t do it. Come or at least some of the sticker author. Case leaving a trail views out this is what it looks like with just the regular lights on. That dislike the corner marker in the other here’s what I used to have going on. So I think that is a big improvement. Like that a lot better.hid

So here’s what it looks like with a jadis them. This is this with the halo rings in the hid Headlights. How then do a top runner bar thought look gay. Let’s say this looks pretty good though I like that. We will show you with the each ID. No it took me 6:00 hours to re engineer the wiring for the headlights to work. This. The 99 Dodge ram and it takes a. It’s kind of cool. They say uses them wiring which means it. Powers a coincidence in ground is supplied. That is. Ho ho ho ho ho much better.

That is way way better than what I had. I had veiled headlights or yellowed if you have a yellow headlight don’t valent. All that so we. This is also enough glow on the camera but in real life it looks just gorgeous that’s my high beams. It’s my low beams. That’s pretty. It’s not pretty but. Okay sirolimus off those 55 watts out for. 0 watts. Man you really can’t see what this camera disk gets flooded out. That’s pretty cool. Impressed I like it. The product itself it. A third. I don’t know if I put this on there but it says HAT not allowed right on the head like case and it is not wired for this at all seriously sweet.

I think enough of this area under hood. Now that the. Balas just up on the. Let’s listen to Herman her her. Melted them up on the radiator. Shroud. That’s the way they are only many keepers in Porsches and different stuff but I’ve worked on. BMW’s. I worked on a portion of that idea. Pretty cool.