Methods of increasing the permeability of the car.

If you like outdoor activities, like fishing, traveling, hiking with a tent or hunting, you probably thought about increasing the permeability of the car.permeability of the car

Patency of the car is put on the stage of the design and depends on many parameters, such as:

  • entry angle (overhang).
  • angle of the longitudinal terrain.
  • ramp angle (rolling).
  • the angle of the transverse static stability.
  • high torque of motor.
  • low gear in the transmission.
  • type of drive (4×4).
  • suspension travel.

So how can we increase the permeability of the vehicle in a simple manner?

Set the differential lock.
Increase ground clearance.
Increase traction of drive wheels to the road (chains, bracelets, off-road tires).
Increase the diameter of the wheel.
For the best effect you should approach to the issue in a terrain of vehicle complex.